recognising community dance excellence


The AEP Skills Exchange is the first artists’ development offer of its kind for mid-career dance artists. It is responsive and shaped by the artists in the room – it acknowledges the expert experiences of those present and and offers space for reflection, dialogue and sharing of skills, without hierarchy of leadership. The AEP is artists development which does not focus on one model of practice; instead it values all experiences and enables artists to find a voice and validate their own knowledge.

It was refreshing to see such a democratic approach to a programme of this nature,
which I believe encouraged everyone to be more honest, generous and personally
invested. Throughout our time together there was an exciting atmosphere of action,
drive and a desire to not only support one another within and beyond our initial time
together, but also to support/feed back into the wider community of our field.
— Bethan Peters, AEP Skills 2017

The Skills Exchange Residency takes place over 4 days and follows a coaching approach providing space and time to listen and share in the skills and experiences of those in the room. Artists come together from around the UK and bring with them an offer of a workshop, discussion or provocation which connects to the core themes of the AEP. Artists take away a greater resilience, renewed creative practice, deeper understanding of their values and awareness of their skills and experience. This opportunity to network, share and reinvigorate your practice is invaluable for independent dance artists looking to share, develop and grow.

The Skills Exchange offer is also available over a 2-day course, taking place in partnership with regional organisations and following the same democratic model as the residential exchange. Facilitated by Danielle Teale with excellent guest artist contributors from across disciplines and practices, the 2-day exchange provides a condensed toolbox of workshops, discussions and provocations and enables all artists to go home with a strong network and the spark of new inspiration.