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Danielle Teale Dance introduces the Artists' Exchange Programme (AEP), focusing on innovative ways of providing continuing professional development for artists working in community dance. Initiated by Danielle Teale, the AEP is an artist led skills exchange initiative for community dance artists drawing on the collective skills and experience of the artists involved to develop a rich dialogue and meaningful practical exploration together. The programme draws on themes such as artistic integrity, people and communication, resilience and self-significance. This innovative programme will enable your artistic voice to be heard and introduce you to a strong and supportive artistic network.

I think it has possibly only been on the Clore programme before this that I have felt so
supported to take risks in/challenge my thinking. This week felt like time to take care of myself.
— Katie Gree, AEP Skills 2017

The Artists' Exchange Programme provides a bespoke offer to support the needs of artists and organisations who engage with the programme. The various strands of the AEP include 2-day Skills Exchange Courses and Masterclassesone-to-one and group mentoring, and 1-Week long Skills Exchange Residencies.

This is CPD that doesn’t exist anywhere else and should be a vital
part of any development for artists working with a variety of people in all sorts of settings.
— Sarah Lewis, AEP Skills 2017

The fundamental values that underpin the AEP – equality, democracy, validation, generosity, supportiveness
– are a mirror for the values that underpin the practice of the artists involved.




The AEP has offered Yorkshire Dance a unique opportunity to engage with independent artists leading in the field of highly artistic participatory dance practice. As an artist-led model it has influenced how we structure programmes of professional development in our region, supporting an offer which provides deeper connectivity beyond traditional models of CPD.
— Yorkshire Dance, AEP Partner 2017-19

For organisations looking to commission or be part of the AEP - download the Information Pack for more details.

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The Artists' Exchange Programme enables experienced and skilled, mid-career dance artists to access professional networks and resources. Through Artists Conversations - the Artists' Exchange Programme Blog, a wider audience of artists can engage with and learn from the AEP content. The Blog features writing, film and photography documenting conversations, content and highlights of all strands of the programme. Open access and sharing of process and experiences of all artists aligns with the ethos of the AEP


recognising community dance excellence


The AEP Skills Exchange is the first artists’ development offer of its kind for mid-career dance artists. It is responsive and shaped by the artists in the room – it acknowledges the expert experiences of those present and and offers space for reflection, dialogue and sharing of skills, without hierarchy of leadership. The AEP is artists development which does not focus on one model of practice; instead it values all experiences and enables artists to find a voice and validate their own knowledge.

It was refreshing to see such a democratic approach to a programme of this nature,
which I believe encouraged everyone to be more honest, generous and personally
invested. Throughout our time together there was an exciting atmosphere of action,
drive and a desire to not only support one another within and beyond our initial time
together, but also to support/feed back into the wider community of our field.
— Bethan Peters, AEP Skills 2017

The Skills Exchange Residency takes place over 4 days and follows a coaching approach providing space and time to listen and share in the skills and experiences of those in the room. Artists come together from around the UK and bring with them an offer of a workshop, discussion or provocation which connects to the core themes of the AEP. Artists take away a greater resilience, renewed creative practice, deeper understanding of their values and awareness of their skills and experience. This opportunity to network, share and reinvigorate your practice is invaluable for independent dance artists looking to share, develop and grow.

The Skills Exchange offer is also available over a 2-day course, taking place in partnership with regional organisations and following the same democratic model as the residential exchange. Facilitated by Danielle Teale with excellent guest artist contributors from across disciplines and practices, the 2-day exchange provides a condensed toolbox of workshops, discussions and provocations and enables all artists to go home with a strong network and the spark of new inspiration.


expanding artistic potential


Danielle’s approach to professional development can be shared with diverse and multiple groups. A Skills Exchange approach champions artists at all levels to recognise their own skills and potential. Masterclasses are available as a way to share this approach widely and have been delivered with groups such as CAT students (The Place, London), emerging artists (Overture course by Re:Bourne) and degree level students (University of Roehampton).

We have the power to connect people, to empower people, and to challenge people. We also have the power and vision as artists to create projects that challenge how organisations engage with communities, and in turn, how organisations engage with and perceive artists working in these settings. Community artists are superheroes.
— Tim Casson, AEP Skills 2017

For organisations looking to commission one off masterclasses see case studies below and contact Danielle Teale


Re:Bourne Overture Masterclass

Danielle's session was inspiring, so clear, passionate and beautifully structured that it was such a pleasure to sit back and observe the group growing


the place: cat scheme masterclass

Danielle’s work with the CAT students was invaluable in helping them prepare and manage stress around audition time. They were given tools enabling them to explore ways of realising their individuality and empowering them to be themselves

reaching out...


Danielle Teale Dance firmly values the diverse voices of artists. To reach out for support is to recognise that life is a constant learning journey. One-to-one mentoring and the opportunity to shadow other artists in their practice can open up our perspectives to the range of artistic approaches that are out there, and can strengthen our understanding of what our own values and approaches look like. The opportunity for practice based shadowing and teaching mentoring are offered as part of the Artists' Exchange Programme.

Danielle can inspire you with her energy and spirit. She channels your thoughts with a clear and open mind, and is able to quickly pinpoint the difficulties that are holding you back. Danielle is a mentor in which you have immediate confidence because of her open attitude .She has given me security, and a solid foundation as well as inspiration for my own creativity
— Dance and health teacher mentoring
Danielle goes above and beyond her role in the studio to support you. Your goal is her goal and she drives it forward with a huge amount of passion. She sets up an action plan and makes sure she has a clear idea of what you want to achieve ahead of every session. She helped me fire off ideas and offered solutions. I never felt that I stood alone; she was able to read my ideas, facial expression and body language in the studio and knew when I needed extra support. I can’t wait to work with her again
— Professional practice shadowing and mentoring