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Danielle Teale Dance introduces the Artists' Exchange Programme (AEP), an initiative that focuses on artistry in the continuing professional development of artists working in community dance. The Artists' Exchange Programme includes short courses and masterclassesone-to-one and group mentoring, and week long skills exchange residencies. Be part of the conversation by following the Artists' Conversations Blog




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The Artists' Exchange Programme enables experienced and skilled artists, emerging artists and everyone in between, to have access to professional networks and resources through Artists Conversations - the Artists' Exchange Programme Blog. The Blog features writing, film and photography documenting conversations, content and highlights of all strands of the programme. Open access and sharing of process and experiences of all artists aligns with the ethos of the AEP.


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Skills exchange is one of three offers available from the Danielle Teale Dance, Artists' Exchange Programme. Targeting experienced dance artists whose work is focused on high quality, artistic practice with community dancers, the skills exchange is a professional development opportunity which recognises the wealth of experience, ideas and thoughtful reflection that artists at this level can offer one another. 

The Skills Exchange is a week long residential opportunity for which artists join in a packed schedule of activities, as well as being asked to contribute workshops, discussions and ideas in response to key themes, generated through ongoing Artists' Conversations. This opportunity to network, share and reinvigorate your practice is invaluable for independent dance artists looking to share, develop and grow.


expanding artistic potential


The Artists' Exchange Programme offers one off Masterclasses, or bespoke and tailored Professional Development workshops and courses led by Danielle Teale Dance, with excellent guest artist contributors from across disciplines and practices.

The CPD and Masterclasses cover themes such as Resilience and Self-Significance; Artistic Voice and Integrity; Understanding Choreographic Teaching Practice. The ambition of the CPD and Masterclass offer is to spark individual dance artists to recognise their artistic integrity and challenge them to interrogate their creative practice to strengthen their delivery for the benefit of dancers they work with. 


Re:Bourne Overture Masterclass

Danielle's session was inspiring, so clear, passionate and beautifully structured that it was such a pleasure to sit back and observe the group growing


the place: cat scheme masterclass

Danielle’s work with the CAT students was invaluable in helping them prepare and manage stress around audition time.  They were given tools enabling them to explore ways of realising their individuality and empowering them to be themselves

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Danielle Teale Dance firmly values the diverse voices of artists. To reach out for support is to recognise that life is a constant learning journey. One-to-one mentoring and the opportunity to shadow other artists in their practice can open up our perspectives to the range of artistic approaches that are out there, and can strengthen our understanding of what our own values and approaches look like. The opportunity for practice based shadowing and teaching mentoring are offered as part of the Artists' Exchange Programme.

Danielle can inspire you with her energy and spirit. She channels your thoughts with a clear and open mind, and is able to quickly pinpoint the difficulties that are holding you back. Danielle is a mentor in which you have immediate confidence because of her open attitude .She has given me security, and a solid foundation as well as inspiration for my own creativity
— Dance and health teacher mentoring
Danielle goes above and beyond her role in the studio to support you. Your goal is her goal and she drives it forward with a huge amount of passion. She sets up an action plan and makes sure she has a clear idea of what you want to achieve ahead of every session. She helped me fire off ideas and offered solutions. I never felt that I stood alone; she was able to read my ideas, facial expression and body language in the studio and knew when I needed extra support. I can’t wait to work with her again
— Professional practice shadowing and mentoring